Why start an internet business?

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Here are 10 reasons why you should have

 a business online:  

 1. It's economical and affordable. There is no other  inexpensive way to open a business than to launch a web site. While you could spend up to many millions of dollars to get started, low-budget web sites (started with as little as $100) remain viable businesses.


 2. You cut your order fulfillment costs. Handling orders by phone is expensive. Ditto for mail orders. There's no more efficient--cheap, fast, accurate--way to process orders than via a web site.


3. Your catalog is always current. A print catalog can cost big bucks, and nobody wants to order a reprint just to change one price or to correct a few typos. A Web site can be updated in minutes.


4. High printing and mailing costs are history. Your customers can download any information you want them to have from your web site. Sure, you'll still want to print some materials, but lots can be distributed via the web.


5. You cut staffing costs. A web site can be a low-manpower operation.


 6. You can stay open 24 hours daily. And you'll still get your sleep because your site will be open even when your eyes are closed.


7. You're in front of a global audience. Watch your site log, and you'll see visitors streaming in from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Malaysia--wherever there are computers and phone lines.

8. There are no city permits and no hassles. It could change, but in most parts of the country, small web businesses can be run without permits and with little government involvement. As you expand and add employees, you'll start to bump into laws and regulations, but it's certainly nice to be able to kick off your business without first filling out reams of city and state forms.

9. There are no angry customers in your face. You can't ignore unhappy customers in any business, in fact, how well you deliver customer service will go far toward determining how successful you are. But at least with a web business you'll never have to stand eyeball-to-eyeball with a screamer.


10. It's easy to get your message out. Between your web site and your smart use of e-mail, you'll have complete control over when and how your message goes out. You can't beat a web site for its immediacy, and when a site is done well, it's hard to top its ability to grab and hold the attention of potential customers.




at your event



1. You need a product or service that you can sell that people want to buy


2. An online store i e website


3. Advertising that will convince people to purchase from you


4. A way to collect money when someone wants to buy


5. Lots of promotion for the website


Getting Products to sell


   1. Create your own products -  To turn good Internet business ideas into a profitable online home business. you can click on Private Label Rights Products  for information products 


   2. Buy the rights to an existing product that is already created www.internetbizopportunities.com has Complete online business with thousands of downloadable products you can sell


   3. Become an affiliate or do joint venture and promote someone else’s product  - The Affiliate Business Blueprint. shows you how You Can Create Your Own Unique Online Business Without Having to Invent Your Own Product!

Start-up Guide

 Find a Good Name

Offline, a good name is usually short, easy to remember, and reflects your business in some way. It’s the same in the online world. Your domain name is how you’ll be known on the Web. Customers will have to remember it, spell it correctly, and type it into their Web browsers. Good domain names are memorable, short and easy to spell, and usually reflect your business purpose. (There are a lot of exceptions to the latter rule: think eBay and Yahoo!)


Build an Effective Store
Think of an effective offline store: it is attractive, projects the right image, and is easy for customers to find what they want. Make sure your online store has the same qualities. It should be easy to navigate, with a good search function. The design should reflect the image you’re trying to project: professional, hip, up-scale, etc. Good offline stores also offer easy check-out, accept credit cards, and have a good return policy.

Rent from a Reliable Landlord
You wouldn’t want your offline store to lose sales because it was frequently closed for repairs, would you? Choosing the right Web host for your site is like renting from a reputable landlord. A good Web host offers uptime guarantees (always open), can handle a lot of traffic (customers), responds to your questions quickly, and offers the services you need. 

An affordable and hosting service we will recommend is www.webizhosting.com they start from $12. ie £8.00 per YEAR for the basic hosting plan.


Spread the Word
A store on the High Street is guaranteed at least a little foot traffic. An online venture might get a few walk-ins as well. But to guarantee traffic, you have to do some marketing.

Online, you can spread the word in a variety of ways:


  1. Submit to Search engines 
  2. Pay for Search-Engine placement – pay per click Advertising
  3. Exchange links with other sites 
  4. Advertise 
  5. Use e-mail campaign (don’t SPAM!) 
  6. Develop a PR strategy 
  7. Use promotions

Get Paid

Just like a real store has “back-end” systems in place, an online store needs mechanisms to accept credit cards and process orders. To automate even more, you can also integrate your online store with accounting, inventory, and fulfillment systems. Paypal and Click bank are the most popular and easy to set up


Make Your Customers Happy
Successful shops have great customer service. An online store can keep its customers happy by offering lots of online information, answering inquiries promptly, shipping quickly, and providing for easy returns.


Refine and Improve
Good offline stores are constantly evaluating their performance and trying new approaches. They rearrange merchandise, design new window displays, calculate profit per square foot, and count foot traffic. Make sure you do the same for your online venture. Use statistics programs to find out where your customers come from and what they do on your site. If you advertise, make sure you test ads and measure their effectiveness.

 This article was written by Bibi Bunmi Apampa a Business Coach  at  www.MyBusinessCoach.biz 

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