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 But before we proceed, I want you to take this 28 second quiz and tell me which of the following applies to you:

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"I Have ZERO Experience In Business & Marketing especially Internet marketing And I Want To Get This Home Business Thing Off The Ground"



"I Lack Credibility And I Want The World To Know Me And My Expertise Right Away!"



"I Have friends who are Home Business Owners But we are Struggling To Find A Way To Succeed Using A Proven System Easy Enough For Anyone To Follow"



"I’m Looking For A HOT, In-Demand Market And I Want To Make Tons Of Money From It"



"I’m Looking To Publish A Book In MY OWN NAME And I Want To Learn The Fastest,

Most Affordable Way
To Do So"



"I want to do more for God, my Family, Community and Nation but I am limited financially



"I want a Global Business I can run anywhere in the world that will make financially independent in 12mths or less"



"I’m Too Shy To Sell Products And I Want A Fast, Rejection Proof System That Will Help Me To Market Products Easily!"



"I need to be mentored or coached personally by someone who's "been there, who can take me by the hand and show me what to do step by step"



 Let me ask you a question 

Did you click YES on any of the boxes above, then you definitely need to take action right away.

But, what if I can show you a way to:

Generate Endless Leads And Traffic Using The Internet and offline marketing strategies for fast growth

Create Unstoppable Cash Flow In Not One, Not Two But Multiple Markets And Niches At The Same Time

And Brand Yourself As A Business  and internet Marketing Expert So That Prospects And Customers Will Come Rushing To Buy From You?

And accomplish all those with minimal effort? Would you be interested

If you are able to create $3,000 - $5,000 monthly income stream on auto pilot, Do you think this will help you accomplish your goals? Well, the question is 

Do You Have A Personal Trainer?

 It's a well known fact: people spend thousands of pounds every year to look good. Of these people, only a few succeed those that have personal  trainers, are the most motivated and that do as their instructors tell them.

 How many people do you know that have personal trainers? They sacrifice several hours a week to go to the gym to work on their bodies under the  guidance of their tutors.

 When you next see them several weeks later, you're surprised at how different they look. They finally appear to be in tune with their bodies and as a  result are much happier then they've ever been before.


 Now compare this to the 'all-talk and no-action' wannabe people. They like to talk a lot, but never seem to  find the time to actually go out to seek the knowledge and then actually do anything about it.  We all know people like this, don't we? 

 The quickest way to get fit is to get yourself a personal trainer. Likewise, the quickest way to succeed in different aspect of your life, career,  business and investment is also to get yourself a personal trainer.

 Without a doubt, the #1 biggest key to your success is working with someone who's already achieved the results you are working towards. Being  mentored or coached by someone who's "been there, done that" can mean all the difference in the world and eliminate years off your learning  curve in a matter of minutes.

  Here are just a few reasons why you should apply to join the Empowerment Coaching Programme:

1. You Will Receive Personal Training!


 It's true there are other coaching programmes available on the market. However, when looking for a coaching programme, you need to ask yourself at least the following questions:

 Will I have access to the coach, or will I be trained by one of his associates?

  Is the coaching programme a 'glorified seminar'?

  Will I be stuck in a room with hundreds of other people in a lecture style environment?

  Will I be able to speak to my coach when I need to or will I only be allowed contact with staff?

  Will my coach ever speak to me one-to-one to help me to map out my personal strategy for success?

  Will my coach motivate me to succeed?

 Once you are satisfied with your answers to the above, only then should you move forward.  During the Coaching Programme, you will be personally coached by me. You will not have to go through a third party to gain access to me. This is what makes the Empowerment Coaching Programme probably one of  the best coaching & mentorship programme on the market today.

2. Strategy And Implementation!

 It's widely known that learning strategies is no big deal. It's the implementation of novel and alien techniques that lets potential entrepreneurs  down. Unlike a seminar, the Empowerment Academy Coaching Programme will not only teach you strategies, but will also help you through the  implementation phase, 

 For example in the Retirement Business Mentoring programme, we have an objective with a strategy for you to start earning $100 a day within 12 weeks of being on the program which can be duplicated to increase earnings.

·         I will personally hold your hand as you start your retirement business and will walk you through the entire process on a one to one basis

·         You will get 10 weeks coaching over the internet by email

·         Unlimited email support

·         Training manual, Learning Resources and workbook

·         “How to” training DVDs on different business's you can start from home

·         10 weekly assignment by email detailing a step by step guide on 10 income streams which you can implement immediately

 3. You Are The Company That You Keep!


I'm sure you've heard this saying before. As you become more and more successful, you will find that you will no longer be attracted to your friends  who never seem to get anywhere in life. Instead, by spending time with successful entrepreneurs, you too will become successful in business. Most of my previous mentees have now become good friends of mine!

4. You Will Not Get A Sales Pitch!


 Have you noticed how a lot of presenters at workshops and seminars try to sell you more stuff at the event? My role as your mentor/ coach is to help, empower and guide you to succeed  Hence, Rest Assured, I won't do it.

 Space is very limited as I can only work personally with selected few. 


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