I have a desire and passion as a High Performance Business Coach and Wealth Strategist to build people and organizations into High Perforance players Making Maximum impact all round 

You will find on this website under Conferences  short tutorials which are extracts of Seminars given on different topics by me. . 
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You will remain on the same level that you are today ten years from now except for two factors
  • The books you read
  • The People you associate with
It is important to suck in information either from books or motivational cds as readers are leaders,  to jumpstart you on this journey, I have included a selection of books that I consider to be A Collection Of Some Of The Greatest Books Ever Written, The books have been a source of inspiration to me, They are available for free if you'll like to read them 

All you have to do is request for them on http://www.empowerment-lifecoach.com/free-gift.html and I will email them to you in PDF format

 Feel free to contact me using the contact form and I promise to reply personally.  

For the personalized coaching and mentoring programme to help you grow multiple streams of Income from home, please visit the coaching and mentoring page.

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Listening to Bibi Apampa you get a Super Wealth Coach, a Business Mentor and a Marketing Queen all in one! A unique and highly powerful combination!

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