Bibi Bunmi Apampa as a Business Coach and Trainer runs independent TRAINING WORKSHOPS

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Our training and Coaching programs include 


Ø Empowering Leadership - Unlocking Potentials in wealth building and leadership skills

Ø High Performance Coaching

Ø Leading and Motivating your team

Ø Rich Retirement Planning

Ø Starting and Growing A Global Small Business

Ø Exceptional Customer Service

Ø Business to Business – Basic Sales Training

Ø Powerful  Presentation and Communication skills

Ø Unstoppable passion

Ø Effective Leadership

Ø Business Etiquette

Ø Personal empowerment

Ø Prosperous Retirement Planning


Sample Workshop Content

1. Empowering Leadership Unlocking Potentials in wealth building and leadership skills for Female leaders

Ø         Leadership Skills

Ø Goal setting – Dreams and Goals

Ø Find your passion – Develop your core strengths

Ø Facing challenges – developing resilience

Ø De clutter your life stream line priorities

Ø Setting effective boundaries

Ø Empowering relationships

Ø Power of focus

Ø Effective time management – getting the most out of the day

Ø Decision making, Discipline and Diligence

Ø Positioning As an Expert

Ø  How to network effectively in any industry

Ø  How to Leave a Legacy

Ø Public speaking and presentation skills - Become a speaker with magnetic personality

 Ø         Wealth Building  skills - Growing Money Trees, Building virtual and real estate portfolios, growing Generational Wealth. Financial freedom  and Financial mastery strategies

2. Rich Retirement Planning

Personalized coaching  / training program to help you prepare for a WEALTHY, HEALTHY, and WISE Retirement incorporating the ingredients of happiness -Something to do, Something to love and Something to hope for. Empowering you with the skills and mind-set needed to manage money,  time,  health and  relationships. Equipping you with a sound mind in a sound body with deep peace of mind in your golden years.

Two modules

Ø Preparation for Retirement

Ø Life After Retirement and Retirement Business Ideas

1.     Preparation for Retirement

Ø Personal development

Ø Wealth Building Skills and Financial Freedom plan

Ø Wisdom and Inner peace plan

Ø  Life management plan

Ø Healthy and fit for life plan

2.     Life After Retirement and Retirement Business Ideas

Retirement lifestyle options with empowering relationships in an interactive seminar session on Small Businesses that can be started from home Creating Multiple Streams Of Income For A Wealthy, Stress Free Retirement

3. Making Maximum Impact and Breaking Barriers

Ø  Mastering the Mind – Life assignment, Goals, Skill, wealth building Information, interpretation, identification, intention, initiative

Ø Mastering the body – vibrancy, energy, Healthy and Fit for life

Ø Mastering time - productivity, making time count and time management, Power of Focus,

Ø Mastering Influence – Presence, Generational wealth, Empowering Relationships -Mentor, Mentee, Motivation, Public speaking and presentation skills,  Appreciation and reward 

Ø         Mastering Wealth Creation  - Growing Money Trees, Building virtual and real estate portfolios, growing Generational Wealth. Financial freedom  and Financial mastery strategies



4     Entrepreneurs Academy – Starting and Growing a Global Small business

Two modules

Ø Entrepreneurs Academy

Ø Global Small Business

Entrepreneurs Academy : Personalized group coaching to build and grow successful Profitable Small businesses. Learn how to create multiple streams of income on demand every month from running several businesses 4 areas

v The business idea

v The business operation

v The people to run the business

v Sales and marketing

Global Small Business : Positioning as an Expert in any Niche and Conquering it Learn How to Become the Point of reference and the ICON of the Industry. Training to Become a Best Selling Author, A Great Speaker and Motivator, An Internet marketing Expert, A Valuable Life Coach and Consultant, To Become Web Famous


5. High Performance Coaching

This is a high paced high impact coaching which will make accomplishing the extraordinary become almost routine. When you have High performance  skills you are  full of energy, passion with an excellent spirit eager to be of service this will turn you  into a high performance organization

What is a high-performance organization?

High-performance organizations are the exemplars of successful businesses. They represent real-world models of a modern managerial ideal: organizations that excel in so many areas that they consistently outperform competitors for extended periods of time.

The coaching sessions will involve how to

1. Develop goals and plans.

2. Enhance communication among staff and family members.

3. Develop and maintain positive relationships among members.

4. Solving problems and making decisions on a timely basis.

5. Successfully manage conflict.

6. Facilitate productive meetings.

7. Develop resilience.

8. Operate in a productive manner.

9. Exhibit effective team leadership.

10. Provide development opportunities for staff members


We would be available to discuss on the modalities and the location of the training programs.

Start My own internet business

Learn the Secrets of Successful Internet Marketers who are raking in thousands every month. Start and Grow your Own Successful business Online


Workshop Content

      • Why start a business online
      • Basic Fundamentals
      • 7 step Internet Business Builder

·         Idea and market research

·         Develop / buy / Promote / Acquire products guaranteed to sell

·         Write the Sales Copy

·         Build and monetise website with payment processor

·         build a system to develop customer relationship

·         Market through proven channels

·         Automate the process

      • Successful Internet Models to copy to guarantee success
      • 25 day Action plan


Thanks to technology, Automated systems can help you to start and run your own internet business successfully and efficiently allowing you to work anywhere, anytime. We do not need to be in an office environment in order to access the marketplace and make money.  


Free online training at


Prosperous Retirement planning


Can you ever afford to retire? 

What happens to  many people at retirement age? Do you want the truth? Many people die broke after working for 40 long years! According to the Bureau of Statistics, out of 100 people that start working at age 25, by age 65………


      • 1% are financially independent & wealthy
      • 4% have enough money to meet basic needs
      • 22% are still working (cannot afford to quit)
      • 28% depend on state pensions, Social Security, friends or charity
      • 45% depend on family for survival


Workshop Content

      • Goal Setting and Life Wheel – Creating Your Future
      • Retirement Planning Basics
      • Healthy and Fit for Life
      • Wisdom Journal – Living Life with a Passion and Purpose
      • Creating Wealth through the three Money Mountains
        • Real Estate
        • Your Own Business
        • Savings & Portfolio Investments
      • Create a Life Plan using “ The Life Questions Template”
      • Estate Planning – Your Will and Legacy

This is an interactive hands on workshop  Participants will receive a  CD of Resources and

 would go away with a PERSONAL  plan to be              


Healthy Wealthy and Wise in Retirement


Free online training at

Start My Own Business

         One of the richest men in the world,  J. Paul Getty once said... 


"You must be in business for yourself. You'll never get rich working for someone else."


Workshop Content

      • Deciding on a business – Getting business ideas
      • The business plan
      • The business structure
      • Accounting and cash flow
      • Raising finance
      • Finding advisers, accountants, solicitors
      • Licenses, permits, trademarks and copyrights
      • E-commerce – going online
      • Buying a business or franchise
      • Marketing your business
      • International trade
      • Basic checklist to jumpstart your business
      • Staying Motivated when the going gets tough
      • BONUS The Virtual Corporation- Looking big on a small budget


This is an interactive hands on workshop  Participants will receive a free CD of Resources and would go away with a plan to start their own successful business                     



is the only way to achieve all  your DREAMS.


Free online training at


Grow My business

expand your  market


“ … Anything not growing is dying “


Steer your company to Success, Increase Sales and Profitability, Overcome competition and dominate your market niche while achieving superior results from your marketing efforts


Workshop Content


·         Setting Business Strategy

·         Marketing Strategy for fast growth

·         The high performance Manager

·         Basic Financial Management

·         Building your Mastermind TEAM – Together Everybody Achieves More (Recruitment, Delegation & Staff Motivation)

·         Branding your business

·         Forming Successful Strategic Alliance

·         Getting on the World Wide Web

·         Automating your business - Simple System Development

·         The Virtual Corporation- Looking big on a small budget


Leadership – The Critical difference


Life Questions – Your personal Development and Succession plan


Free online training at




Building a Business Legacy


One of the richest men in the world,  J. Paul Getty once said... 


"You must be in business for yourself. You'll never get rich working for someone else."


Workshop Content

 Basic fundamentals in  setting up a business
Getting business Ideas & Goal Setting
How to Start, Grow and Strengthen your business 
How to build your business brand 
Basic Accounting system for business 
Setting up a business strategy 
Marketing strategy for fast growth 
Going online the World Wide Web


Personal empowerment

A Personal Development and Coaching Programme to help individuals Maximize their potential and Achieve their Life Objectives while  Living Life with a Passion and Purpose


Workshop Content

      • Goal Setting and Life Wheel – Creating Your Future
      • Lead the field – Become the leader / expert in your field
      • Personal Financial Planning
      • FOCUS –Follow One Course Until Successful – how to hit your business, personal and financial targets with absolute certainty
      • Personal SWOT workshop – Your Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats
      • Health and Fitness – Fitting fitness into busy schedules with a Healthy diet and lifestyle
      • Building Successful and Empowering  Relationships
      • Personal Image and Grooming
      • Stress Management

Most Successful people have five things in common:

1) They see opportunity in problems

2) They are teachable and plan ahead

3) They apply what they learn

4) They are disciplined and determined

5) They are FOCUSED

2) They achieved their dreams



Get Empowered today Free online training at


Real estate investment strategies


Workshop Content

      • Why real estate
      • Which Route -  Eight major areas
        • Home
        • buy to let
        • flips
        • buy, renovate, sell
        • off plan
        • multiple lets
        • flat hotel / serviced apartments
        • bed & breakfast
      • Buy to let basics
        • The strategy
        • Raising the deposit
        • Choosing the right mortgage
        • Choosing the right property
        • Choosing the right tenant
        • How to grow your portfolio
        • Tax and how to reduce your bill
        • Legal compliance
        • Where to invest


Free online training at



The training Workshops are available as stand alone units. Each topic at the workshop is handled by trainers who not only possess excellent presentation and educational skills but are proficient, experienced, and successful coaches in their own right.


If you have any questions after going through the workshop topics, online training or would like to attend one of our Workshops. Please give us a call or email us using the 

contact page. We'd love to hear from you 

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