What you can expect from a Business Coach?

In a typical month on the one to one Coaching program I might be:


  • working with you on starting your own Business and creating multiple streams of income
  • Working on the debt reduction or debt elimination strategy
  • Assisting you with drawing up a your marketing strategy for fast growth
  • Reviewing the business strategy
  • Chairing a monthly management or board meeting to add clarity and direction
  • Checking marketing copy to give it greater impact and bite
  • Interviewing a potential employee to give a valuable second opinion
  • Implementing a professional staff performance review process
  • Writing a blueprint to successfully turn round a business in trouble
  • Accompanying my client on a sales call to observe and add value
  • Critiquing an important sales or board presentation
  • Holding a weekly ‘check in’ or even a daily one if things get critical
  • Establishing a sound financial planning process which is essential in any business 
  • Providing a second opinion on something which has cropped up that day
  • Facilitating a team building session or relationship audit between two senior managers or partners 


In all these interactions my sole purpose is to fully understand the requirement and add value from my wealth of experience in a multitude of business situations to enable you prosper and succeed in your business. 

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