One of  the easiest way to raise finance and capital for business or your projects is to start a network marketing business that is global, recession proof , easy to operate, with no geographical boundaries and guarantees 

residual income for years to come

 Empowering you to Create Multiple Streams of Income Monthly

"Here's the Easiest Way to Earn $81,920 Per Month Doing Almost Nothing While Learning how to set up your own Internet Business!"
This is truly the easiest money You'll ever make, and it skyrockets 
month after month -- Perpetually!

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The content presented throughout this website may shock, or even offend you.  The members of this team, myself included, are incredibly serious about helping you achieve a real, life changing income and we won’t let anything or anyone stand in our way.

Don't Let Yourself Get In The Way Of Achieving Your Own Success!


Power of 4 is an extremely simple system built for maximum leverage based, not on expertise, but 100% upon implementation.  This turn-key system is designed to have YOU in profit your first week in business.



We hate to break it to you, but this might just be as close as you will ever get to owning a "money tree" that can actually change your life!

However, if you are going to generate this truly life-changing income, you must make a real commitment to building your business and implement our simple business plan. 

 With that said, here’s the bottom line. To implement this business plan you must:


Have a minimum of $25.00 dollars to start your business.

Commit to finding a minimum of 4 people to join your business.

Agree to do what it takes to achieve the goal of $12,750 a month in 8 weeks.

So, if at any point this sounds unreasonable or unattainable just click off the site...

No hard feelings, but our business is not right for you.  If you're still here, Great! You may very well be one of the 3% we're actually looking to work with, so read on...


The business or vehicle you will use to propel yourself into the next tax bracket is called Infinity Downline.

Infinity Downline is an extremely innovative business owned by a 12 year old debt free company. Although you’ll learn more about this business in a moment, for now, here are the primary reasons we chose Infinity Downline as the "wealth vehicle" for the Power of 4 System:

Break even with one referral. You receive 100% commission on your first sale.  

Instant pay!  Every person pays you direct.  No going through the company or any other middle man (except for your bank, of course).  

Automatically create multiple income streams through the Compensation Plan. 

No products to stock or ship… The digital product package is provided and delivered automatically to your customer on your behalf by the company.  

All sales are monthly subscriptions, creating a growing monthly residual income which is essential to building wealth and securing financial freedom.  

Right now, I’m ONLY looking for 4 business partners, so the question is…
do you qualify to be on my team?

Remember in the beginning I said, earning over $12,000 per month is a mathematical certainty when you follow our success blueprint? Well here you go, here are the numbers in black and white so you can see for yourself! If everyone who joins your business enrolls 4 others within one week, you would have your 8 levels filled in just 8 weeks!

If it took each person a month, then it would take 8 months and so on. But, we've made it so easy, anyone with the DESIRE can do this in "ONE DAY" with No Selling, No Convincing And No Hard Work!

Power of 4 is NOT just about a $25 opportunity. Although it is the foundation of this business, we found that most of our business partners wanted to see an even larger return on their time investment. They wanted to get more out of every promotional campaign they launched. Sound good to you?

Introducing Infinity 100! Based on the exact same concept as Infinity Downline, only 4 times as lucrative. Now you have the opportunity to earn unlimited $25 AND $100 payments simultaneously through the Power of 4 System.

In fact, 90% of all prospects join both Infinity Downline and Infinity 100 so they don’t leave money on the table. Somebody’s going to get credit for the $100 sales. If YOU don’t join, the next qualified business partner above you will literally be getting free money… COOL! Take our advice; position yourself in front of the money by joining both businesses right from the start!.

Let’s Review Just A Few Highlights Of Infinity Downline:

Get Paid Direct Through Your Payment Processor

Work With Top Marketers Who Are Creating A Win/Win Situation

Power Of 4 System,  Use Our Proven
Turn-key Marketing System

Only $25 To Start Your Business And You Breakeven On Your First Sale

People Helping People By Building A  Worldwide Business Together

Start Earning Life Changing Income Paid Instantly

Empowering Product Line That Can Save You Time & Money


Zero Admin, Hosting or Website Cost, You Earn 100% Commission

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